Experience the Natural Beauty & Contrasts of Qatar

From the turquoise blue waters, beaches and mysterious artesian wells along the Arabian Gulf to the Singing Sand Dunes of the desert and mangrove forests on the north coast, Qatar is an enchanting destination of natural beauty and dramatic contrast. Known as the 'Thumb of Arabia' this beautiful country is a land of adventure, romance and surprise. Discover Qatar's natural and "man-made" treasures - from the In Land Sea to the Pearl-Qatar.
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Doha Attraction

Doha Corniche -

One of the most beautiful destinations in the Middle East, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, Doha Corniche is a scenic area of Doha for relaxing and gazing at the incredible colours of Doha Corniche Bay. Walk down the seaside promenade and enjoy fresh air and sea breezes while taking in the sights, shops, restaurants, cafés, museums and beautiful parks. Doha Corniche is popular for its green grassy areas with bountiful flowers and date trees, parks, playgrounds. Picnic under the shade of palm trees or enjoy gorgeous sunsets on the bay at night.

Ramada Encore Doha Hotel . . . Simply Smarter -

International business and leisure travellers stay connected and comfortable at the new Ramada Encore Doha, a refreshing and innovative hotel in the heart of Doha, Qatar. A short drive from Qatar's breathtaking natural wonders and beaches, Ramada Encore Doha features stylish and contemporary guestrooms with wood floors and glass bathrooms, flexible meeting space, and modern travel amenities such as free in room wired internet, indoor pool, health club, business centre, and The Hub, a lively gathering place with fresh world cuisine and a specialty coffee bar. Relax, eat, play, and lounge at the Ramada Encore Doha!
Doha Airport Hotel
Doha Airport Hotel

Qatar Beaches -

Situated along the waters of the Arabian Gulf, Doha offers soft sand beaches with shimmering dunes for sunbathing, swimming and a variety of water sports. The tiny pearl fishing village of Al Wakra - just 12 km south of Doha - has a wide public beach and a bustling harbour for enjoying the sunshine and sparking waters. Situated along the shores just north of Doha, the village of Al Khor has a beautiful open beach, play areas and a fishing harbour. Located on the southeastern shores of Qatar, 78km from Doha, Khor Al Udaid Beach is characterised by its massive sand dunes. Other Qatar beaches include Dukhan and Fuwairit.
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The Pearl Qatar -

A Riviera style man-made island in a glamorous environment in Doha, the Pearl-Qatar is the country's first international urban development. The Middle East's most fashionable lifestyle community, the Pearl-Qatar - crafted from a mix of Arabic, Mediterranean and European culture - offers cosmopolitan charm, outstanding beauty and a contemporary spirit. Built on one of Qatar's major pearl diving sites, this artificial island creates a new coastline off Doha's West Bay Lagoon area. Boasting international themes, the Pearl features luxury apartments, villas, town houses, penthouses, 5 Star hotels,
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an international yacht club, three marinas, international shops and restaurants, entertainment venues, and schools. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Riviera within the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf.
Doha Airport Hotel
Doha Airport Hotel

Singing Sand Dunes -

Located 40 km southwest from Doha, the Singing Sand Dunes are a rare natural phenomenon and one of 30 places in the world where sound is naturally produced from sand dunes. The semi-circular dunes form a natural desert amphitheatre that creates a singing or musical effect. Enjoy the fun drive from Doha and listen to the humming sound of the sand flowing down the side of the sand dunes. Discovered in the Middle East over 1500 years ago, Qataris used to attribute these sounds to evil Djinns, and explorers like Marco Polo, shared tales of the low-pitched desert sounds over 700 years ago. The Singing Sand Dunes are a natural attraction you will never forget!
Doha Airport Hotel
Doha Airport Hotel
Doha Attraction

Mangrove Swamps -

Take a day trip to the picturesque mangrove forests in the muddy swamps on Qatar's north shore. The white mangrove swamps in Al Thakira and Al Khor provide an important refuge for a wealth of wildlife, including a new species of sea slug and over 250 species of birds. This unique environment is a popular bird watching spot, where you can see gulls, cormorants and waders along the shoreline, and ducks, geese, mallards and teal in the ponds and reeds.

In Land Sea -

One of Qatar's natural treasures, the Inland Sea emphases the breathtaking beauty of the country's southernmost point.  Surrounded by giant rolling sand dunes, the Inland Sea, or Khor Al Daid, is a huge inlet where the sea surges west in a narrow channel that divides Qatar from Saudi Arabia, then curves north creating a shallow tidal lake. This natural attraction can only be reached off-road by four wheel drive vehicle passing through the mysterious desert and impressive desert dunes. A good way to journey to the Inland Sea is with a tour group. All terrain cruisers take you on a rollercoaster ride shooting up towering dunes, skirting edges of sheer drop-offs and sliding down vertical mountains of shifting sand. After your extreme desert safari, you will reach the vast Inland Sea, where the water is clear and rich in sea life, and you can see Saudi Arabia.

Al Jassasiya -

Located between the villages of Fuwairit and Al Huwailah, Al Jassasiya is a range of rocky hills facing the northeast coast of Qatar. The hills are famous for their stone carvings, some of which date back to pre-historic times.

Oryx Farm -

Explore the beautiful nature reserves in Al Shahaniya and see the Arabian Oryx - the national animal of Qatar - in its native surroundings at the Oryx Farm. These beautiful cream coloured horses, with striking black and white markings, live and breed as protected herds in Qatar. Encounter the
Arab show and race horses that are pure-bred at the Al Shaqab Stud Farm and the Qatar Equestrian Club.
Doha Airport Hotel
Doha Airport Hotel
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